About Us

An industrialist by profession since 1984 making surgical instruments and devices for ophthalmology.From 1991 till 1999 have lead LANDMARK seminars and transformed thousands of people week after week.

Simultaneously she has undergone spiritual scientific training under the aegis of World Spiritual Leaders like JASMUHEEN Living on Prana nourishment, Dr. Robert V. Gerard for DNA activation workshops, Dr. Gregg Braden, Dr. Naseem Haremein & Dr. Bruce Lipton, Kryon channel with lee carrol, etc.,

A Reikhi channel since 1991 Expert in Aura and chakra reading

She is Clairvoyant
Founder of cosmic Ray Activation Workshop Multidimensional Existence A Reality workshops etc., Conscious Parenting TM Raising conscious children consciously.

Book Written:

• A New Perspective
• Visual virtual Tools for Manifesting Reality
• Kumbh Mela 2013 My Experience