Conscious Parenting

Families today face unprecedented challenges such as isolation, loss of the extended family, conflicting advice on parenting and the stress of modern-day life. In spite of these challenges, some children are thriving due to the love and commitment of their families due to the love and commitment of their families and communities.

A growing body of evidence now document that the quality of a person's earliest experiences has a major impact on that person's entire life. It is therefore essential that we, as a society, give high priority to fully nurturing our children. It is the birthright of every human being to be conceived, carried, birthed, and nurtured in the best possible way. By recognizing and responding to these biological imperatives, individually and collectively, we foster optimal human development and a brighter future for our world.

When a parent is able to come from a higher perspective to analyze and feel out a situation before making condemning judgments, they are better able to avoid making rash decisions, speak more clearly and think about their energetic and physical response before they react.

When children witness this they are able to look at a situation with awareness, move through the experience, acknowledge how they feel and move back into alignment if needed. Children intuitively learn these tools by watching their parents in action.

Why Conscious Parenting?

It is the day-to-day experiences we have as parents that determine whether our children learn appropriate behavior or not, whether our children learn to regulate their behavior and emotions or not, and whether we live in a peace full environment where everyone respects everyone else's needs or not. It is our choice whether or not our children learn these things. If we are mindful of our parenting choices, we can create the family we want to have. Many times, we just are not aware that we have choices. Leaning what those choices are is what this workshop shall help you unravel. our aim is to ensure that parents are supported in practicing the art and science of nurturing children and experiencing the Joy of parenthood.

Inspired by the success of supporting 1000's of people between the age of 7 to 80 years and overwhelmed by the situation of people fixing the hurt which happened in the childhood, we have created a workshop on conscious parenting TM. It is an academic, scientific and spiritual technological approach to garner profound transformation like Never Before.

"Each of us is parent to every child. How we treat the child, the child will treat the World, Our children are the future of the World"