In All things in Life. LOVE IS THE ANSWER

Discover a World, Where Living in Love is Possible!

Families today face unprecedented Challenges such as isolation, loss of the extended family, conflicting advice on parenting & stress of modern-day life. In spite of these challenges, some children are thriving due to the love commitment of their families & communities.

"Each of us is parent to every child. How we treat the child, the child will treat the World, Our children are the future of the World"

Why 'Conscious ParentingTM?


In the day to day experiences we have as Parents that determine whether our children learn appropriate behavior or not, whether our children learn to regulate their behaviour and wheather we live in a peaceful environment where everyone respects else's needs or not

It is our choice whether or not our children learn these things. if we are mindful of our Parenting choices, we can create the family we want to have..

About the Founder...

-Rita Mahajan

An industrialist by profession since 1984 making surgical instruments and devices for Ophthamology.

From 1991 till 1999 has lead LANDMARK Seminars and transformed thousands of people week after week